Tuesday, March 08, 2005

International Womens Day and the honor confers upon me as an 'Outstanding Journalist' - Awarded by my Community 'Kadva Patel Parivar Trust and Mahila Vikas' who celebrated IWM & Mahila Kranti Abhiyaan Year 2005 on occasion of their Silver Jubilee in Ahmedabad. (The women's wing of this community is run by Sushilaben Amin & Kalaben Amin, Ahmedabad who are actively involved in bringing great social reforms. They plan to bring Patels worldwide in September to unite them all.)
This is a moment of joy for me as I get this honor but more a moment of Inspirations. Inspirations and encouragement from the people I know and with whom we walk past our life. It would be great big list of people to mention here so instead I opt to say that I always exercise six D's of faith: Power to Decide, courage to dare, energy to do, will power to be determined, grace to be dedicated and patience to be diligent. And the result is 'peek' experience - seeing farther and spotting new horizons, newer opportunities! Deep in the heart of gratitude lies a nugget of tremendous faith. Readers of all my websites have 'Made it Happen, Made this a great Day' and as I Thank all who made a Big Difference, here is marching ahead optimistically!


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