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Getting into the Spirit of Peace, Harmony and Progress….Happy Diwali & Prosperous New Year

Getting into the Spirit of Peace, Harmony and Progress….Happy Diwali & Prosperous New Year

The spirit of celebration is the same every year. But this year, what has changed is the way now Gujaratis are celebrating the festival of lights with Sadbhavana. A way of simplicity - to live together in peace and harmony. Diwali has now become a joyous, multicultural observance in Gujarat, in which people of all religion - faith join in.

In that spirit, I invite you to light a ‘Sadbhavana’ Diya for this Diwali and spread our message of peace, harmony and progress with faith in your heart and love for Gujarat.

As we celebrate the triumph of ‘Good over Evil’, it all started as a way to celebrate Lord Rama’s return on vanquishing Ravana. And centuries later, it still gives us a reason to light up the darkness – Spreading sunshine into the lives of 6 crore Gujaratis and scattering the rays of hope to people of the nation. Gujarat, a hope for a better India, is a role model to other states, reaching crescendo with its development journey.

Gujarat leads to a bright future with every citizen joyfully celebrating the festival with spiritual fervor. These spiritual qualities over-ride the basic instincts, intellect and ego. The light of the soul can transform baser qualities of greed, distrust and hatred into selfless giving, trust and helpfulness. It inspires us to be consistent in our efforts to progress on the path of truth to enlighten and illuminate the lives of people of Gujarat. And, it has revealed to us our true ‘Identity’ as enriched souls, living and growing in the great school of earthly experience. It’s the time to shrug off hate, anger and bitterness. It’s the time to illuminate the diyas to flicker the flame of Progress.

It is a timeless civilization with an eternal quest for the light of Knowledge which is embodied in our spiritual texts. As Rig Veda quotes:

Asato Maa,
sad gamaya
Tamaso Maa,
Jyotir Gamaya
Mrityor Maa,
Amritam Gamaya
Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti…

We pray, God lead me by giving me knowledge (from the unreal to the real),

From darkness (of ignorance) to the light (of Knowledge), from death (limitation) to the immortality (liberation).

Ten years ago, we lived in darkness. Gujarat lived in a world terrorized by violence and deceit, corruption and cunning fundamentalism and atrocity. The years 1986-85 are unforgettable and resound in painful grief. The government endeavored to exorcise the ghosts of the past and forge in a new world of understanding, hope, love, brotherhood, harmony and peace. As far as we experience, there has been no kind of violence or curfew, no communal unrest as we live in peace in Guajrat.

The Literacy ratio gets higher in Gujarat. The Literacy rate in Gujarat has seen upward trend and is currently 79.31% as per the 2011 Population census. Of that, Male literacy stands at 87.23% while Female literacy is at 70.73%. And, credits go to the efforts of CM alongwith all his officers striving to spread literacy.

Our traditional oil lamp which still serves as the primary source of illumination in many parts of Gujarat, also informs of something about India’s huge and growing power deficit. While India had ‘power poverty’, it’s leaders opened the doors to commerce in nuclear energy! Gujarat is focused for ‘Green Energy, Clean Energy’ with the First in Asia trendsetter ‘Department for Climate Change.’ And, adopts the strategy to become global hub for renewable energy, which could be synonymous with climate justice for the generation next.

Urban development had remained a neglected sector in India and lacked a direction and political will. But, in Gujarat, initiatives like Jyotigram Yojna for 24x7 hours uninterrupted power supply in all the 18,000-odd villages and broadband connectivity to village panchayats in the State have succeeded in reducing the rural-urban gap and check rural exodus towns by 33 per cent. The light is illuminated in the life of people of ‘Rurban’ Gujarat with new plans and strategy. Jyoti Gram Yojna has changed the socio-economic conditions of Gujarat, creating a mass awareness too.

The flickering flame of Sadbhavana speaks of the initiatives for farmers who are known to be are known to be progressive and pragmatic in Gujarat. The unique Initiative of the Krishi Mela Mohatsav have brought tremendous change - Jal Kranti, leading to Gujarat providing Shwet Kranti (White revolution) to the nation and now, Harit Kranti (Green Revolution). Team of experts, researchers, scientists, Agriculture officers and Ministers interact and provide information and counselling on soil health, organic farming, technology and inputs, irrigation, etc., besides infusing a new spirit of change and mass mobilisation. More than 93,000 farmers in Gujarat have adopted drip irrigation for their total 1.51 lakh hectare land..The figures keep rising as Drip Irrigation system and inter-linking of 21 rivers of the state for conservation of water has made it possible for record crops and Sugarcane cultivation in the state. Gujarat has created history in water conservation, by launching a drive for blue revolution, constructing number of check-dams, boribunds, village ponds, khet talavadis and implementing water harvesting apart from Water shed development programs for increase in healthy living lifestyles with better income, education and resources.

World's Largest Irrigation Network, the pace of implementation of the Sardar Sarovar Narmada Project with the dam height raised to 121.9 metres (from 90 metres five years ago) makes the waters of the Narmada flow all across the state through canals and water transmission lines. The project has immense contribution towards irrigation, hydropower and drinking water supply. It’s Bringing Smiles to Faces with Water Harvesting – Conserving Water for Tomorrow. In order to economize the use of Water, Gujarat has speeded up the promotion, awareness and application of micro-irrigation techniques such as Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation. Also, Innovative water solutions like desalination, recycling treatment, water purification, water saving, water security and water management play a key role in Water Harvesting in Gujarat.

The diya of Gyan (Knowledge) with Vision Gujarat aims aims for transformation of State into a globally recognized knowledge society and for this, proposed shelf of projects lay outlined for creation of specific Institutions in growth sectors such as Aviation University, Retail Management University, Maritime University etc and creating COE (Center of Excellence) across the state for Governance, Biotechnology, Textiles Research, Chemical Research, Nanotechnology, Agriculture, Earthquake Engineering Research, Architect and Design, Urban development, water, cleaner technology, space research and Tourism. ‘Smart goals with future vision’ and ‘Education for all’ is the mantra.

Bringing joy with literacy and education, The Campaign for ‘Education for All’ is implemented with major Literacy initiatives like ‘Kanya Kelavani, Shala Praveshotsav, Gunotsav and Vanche Gujarat.

The Sadbhavana soul stirs to flicker the flame to spread rays of hope amidst all imperfections that negative minds showcase. Gujarat is a shining beacon of democracy and development in a troubled country and is a force for good in an unstable world. Gujarat is committed to Enhancing Security - Physical, Social, Economic to it’s 6 crore people and further is concerned for the future of India’s Generation x. Gujarat is ready to safeguard the lamp from ill winds that blow and no force can harness the determination to surge ahead with people of Gujarat to spread Peace, harmony and Progress.

Thus, focused on the diyas of Gyan Shakti, Jal Shakti, Urja Shakti, Jan Shakti and Raksha Shakti – Gujarat has forged its own steady path along the roads of success this past decade. This ‘Panchshakti’ programs identify the key driving forces of the state’s economy and progress.

Just remember, Light is a symbolic of the purity of agni or fire that is essential in our progress towards attaining to enlightment and the need of the hour is, by opening our mind, we let in fresh wisdom, thereby expanding our horizons and broadening our vision.

To conclude, I think if all of us - the 6 crore people of Gujarat is hopeful of an emerging power to a glittering future Gujarat from a glorius past. 60 million dreams inspired the Government to cross various development milestones and every member of the administration irrespective of their ranking have unitedly accomplished the incredible success of the State. And now, we await to see our dreams come true in the future – what really the people need is – Peace and political stability. What really the people need is Development. What really the people need is comfort living, sustained life and no poverty issues. Much more…and all will join me ‘Yes, we want no corruption, no price rise and no violence’

Light the lamp of Love and let love radiate fragrance of peace and harmony.

Jai Jai Garvi Gujarat

- ilaxi patel

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