Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Youth and Government - My speech-Presentation at CIIE-IIMA

On May 14, 2011, I got the opportunity to address Youth at CIIE-IIMA.

The topic of my Speech and Presentation were on 'Youth and Government - Paving a new path for India.' Follow the Presentation for a brief glance on feeling the 'Pulse' of the Youth and indepth findings. As an alert and an aware citizen, it is our prime responsibility to possibly work in areas where we can encourage Youth initiatives, innovation and entrepreneurship. As a result, some of my researched work highlights Government Policies and Sectors which held potential for plunge into business and keep a close watch on happennings in business world.

A call to the Youth focus on points to 'Get charged, Bring change' at a time when Anna Hazare fights for Corruption and the need of the hour arises for a Young Anna Hazare as the future of India is Youth.

While I explore and research my various fields of interest, you may log to Gujarat Government Portal to find more on Gujarat and find supportive links that speaks of its growth and also log to Hon'ble CM Narendra Modi's website which remains updated ever.

- ilaxi patel


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