Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Traffic and it's a hurdle!

Missed out postings and its almost a new beginning of the year 2010! I am sure, all readers will have a happy go lucky, cheerful and bright year. Only...Only if you believe in your ownself and the things/wonders that you can do:-)

I just had a choice to go for a brunch party or go for an AMC - GCCI walk to riverside project. Quite obvious, my choice you can understand. Yeah, my choice was a brunch party!

How many of us miss our our social obligations just because we are enjoying our personal lives? All most all of us have choices but I think, the day isn't far when we have to engage ourselves for causes. Especially, the Traffic problems. We complain every day and can't even reach place timely. The major issue we need to combat is traffic problem and I almost am planning to reach the venue for Open house Traffic Awareness program at GCCI on 5th Jan, 5.30 pm.

If you think, you find traffic problems and have suggestions, do leave your comments here or walk in to open up, speak up.

- ilaxi

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