Friday, February 03, 2006

Last week, I been for a 'Brunch' Party. Yeah, Ahmedabad is changing and our Gujarat politicians are aware of the Farm partying manic craze, isn't it? Well, you remember I talked of my fav Purple Flower Band - Whispee and his group? Never has been a live party that I ever enjoyed. If you missed out, here's the link.

Anyways, I was talking of the Brunch Party. Believe me, its a fantastic idea and a great change to walk into a farm with a bouquet for the host early in the morn of a wintry day and she's sure to offer you a C...ugh oh...Mocktail with the mint n lime. The moment I sat gazing the big lawns, what drew my attention was the Music and I glanced to see who the DJ was! For some time, it was a great pleasure listening to all my fav tunes of the western music and he seem to know the mood of the people around.He had some soft amore, the love songs and my special beat of 'Careless whisper' of George Michael in the remix version. The stage was empty and not a single soul stirred to shake a leg as they were enjoying their morning first gulps. Soon, the DJ - he was DJ Shyamal and his group, and he banged on the rocky numbers with the upbeat mood and fast to raise the spirits. Some of them came to the floor and swayed their hips and soon, I found the music shifting towards the hindi remix and the dance numbers - Gosh, I felt it was a real mess the DJ was in! His expressions were blank with no inner feel of his heart beats and I could feel this standing miles away! I might be wrong but certainly, its anyways the people choice the DJ plays. The group enjoyed and we enjoyed the show! This is mod fashioned world and yeah, anywhere you find a DJ rocking the group with the remix. I guess his real talents are lost in playing the remixes coz his own remixes are limited upto the remix! In the western numbers, he's got a cool grasp of his breadth and sure, he's a true DJ who makes you rock on these numbers and even nobody would leave the floor...Here in a remix, you play a number and people pour in for eg. the kajrare...mere kale kale naina...Gosh, the whole bunch of 40s preference and you find the servants dancing in a corner when the yana gupta song is my...This is not music - only an insult to the musician...the DJ!

DJ Shyamal is lately I heard the best pick of a DJ in town and the same day, he played at the Brunch party and evening,he was at a marriage dance party. The very next day, I came across Mayur...heard of him? The Bandish Project and some of the teens told me DJs are specially flown from Bombay with the c-mocktail girls.....!

Want to write to Shyamal? Call him to your town for your Music Brunch Party? Write to him at his email id: Shyamal is a great Pick! Enjoy:-)

- ilaxi

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