Saturday, November 05, 2005

Management Mantra - yep, this been the column I started in print media Sambhaav but unfortunately, I couldn't continue and neither did I get a good response for translations. This very same article had been a Diwali/new year newsletter of Sambhaav and I been so overwhelmed to receive the reader responses.

Today, I share the same article on the blog : This is the real Secret of Success, Believe it or not! May this new year lead your towering inferno of personal strengths to achieve your goals. Enjoy!

- by Ilaxi
(copyright article) (Swagat Group)

Possess Self Confidence - Feel the Difference!
Your strength lies in your own vision and outlook. Build the confidence and be optimistic. Proceed ahead ‘I can do it and I will win’ The game is yours and you are the ‘Winner’ – Quite Naturally!

Mental Drive & Physical Energy
Achieve aims with active mental drive and physical force by ‘Meditation’ and ‘Keep fit - Eat healthy attitude’ Pursue mental and physical drive exercises and aim for completion of tasks undertaken

Check your Potentialities
Turn your talents into engines of success. Believe in your ownself and the things that you can do. Its simply amazing to find your own key factors to develop your potentialities to boost morally to climb the steep steps of success. It needs determination, vision, confidence alongwith competitive spirit.

Self Evaluation
Develop qualities of self assessment. Recognize and learn from mistakes and failures. Measure success levels and check those decisions and actions, weaknesses and drawbacks. Discover within.

Set Goals
Aim high to reach the skies. Goals are essence of planning and should be ambitious but achievable. Add zest with dynamic Leadership and motivated team

Understanding ‘M’ Power
Express plans in words and sure, you will start counting numbers. Manage cash flow. Don’t build castles in air lest it would cripple you down. Use money wise. Money saved is money earned

Competitive Edge
Competition results to effective competitive edge. Brainstorm promoting creativity and stimulating ideas to adopt, adapt and apply the techniques or qualities that make winners a success. Build own standard principles and accept challenges. Grab opportunities, eliminate weaknesses.

Powers of influencing others and convincing accepting compromises. Sometimes, just a word, a glance, an inspiration, motivation or lack of one can make a big difference.

Planning Ahead
Plan to achieve more than you expect. Your success is measured positive. You will be rewarded with big results or else you may land up with setting up your ownself ‘Independent’

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- ilaxi

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