Monday, September 05, 2005

Jack of all trades, Master of None!!! I ever said 'If Wishes were horses, beggars would ride' but now on the world wide web, as I explore high and low, I guess 'If Dreams had Wings, I would fly : reach for the moon and we land up picking up the stars!

My ever dream was to be a Teacher and I proved to excel. My ever dream was to be a Business person and write Management articles and yeah, I wrote 'Management Mantra' articles in print media for some time. I dream to be an Insurance Executive and IRDA gave me the license. My ever dream was to be a Journalist and lo, God granted me the gift! My ever dream was to play a Piano and lo, I self learnt my Yamaha and Casio 61 keys Portasound Synthesizers and performed on Stage Shows! I wanted to be a Pop singer and sing like George Michael on the Stage and oops, I'd have to wait for a nex Birth and be there in UK or US and here's Blogger tempting me to be an Author! Whewwww....Lemme Try!!! Yep, I gonna Blog 'Romance' novel - Will I be able to do it??? Time will speak :-)

I wish my readers Happy Teachers' Day, who directly or indirectly turned out to be my 'Teacher' - taught me to be wise and nice.


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