Monday, August 01, 2005

Monday Blues and here is the haunting memories of the star casts of the Hindi Movie I recently saw 'Viruddh'. Yeah, John Abraham is the macho sexy man you ever see on the big screen but here, his role is too matured; a Suave, lovable, innocent guy who's the only son of an elderly couple. Viruddh means 'versus' - the struggle of the elderly couple who strive for justice for their son who is blamed for drug peddling, murder and corruption.

The struggle of a Dad against the Politicians and the whole corrupted system. The movie is emotional and thought provoking but hey, I ain't reviewing the movie here - You've got to see it and believe it yourself to rate it 'Good' or just passing.

Well, now the news around is strong and most likely John Abraham is entering into the sphere of jounalism. Yeah, the television had a telecast of John's Interview when he really did mention that he had an ardent desire to publish a newspaper. For this, he's done his thorough 'Home-work' and gone through some brainstorming sessions, meeting people around the media. A mix of showbiz and real world, he beamed. A Big 'B' Admirer, John Abraham has all plans to publish the newspaper for exclusively 'Exclusive' readers, maybe a weekly and no 'all newspaper' stuff.

Of coz, this means, a truly different Bollywood Masalas+Extra Toppings through the eyes of a Star himself and that sure gonna be Interesting!

The lonely Bollywood NRI freaks will surely have their online resources now ready to transport to John, hopefully!
- ilaxi

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