Tuesday, August 30, 2005

In town, without my car !For a healthier and more friendly city should also be the slogan for all gujaratis who drive the car with car jam roads in Ahmedabad. I remember once Mr. Rushad Ginwala of Ahmedabad had made a statement in TOI that if I can, I would be the first person to use bike. Now, I brushed off this casually but I really feel that like the 'Car Free Pittsburg' who promotes walking, bicycling and public transportation, it is time for CM Narendra Modi's government to think on these lines.

An estimated 100 million people participate in International Car Free Day each September 22 in 1500 cities worldwide and the Car Free movement is growing in the US with Mr. Bush too, cycling his way to promote as seen in the pic recently in the newspapers. Cars do hurt the environment, economy and society.

Other than private cars, there should be encouragement to use alternative forms of transport and travel. Even promote walking! Reduce the motorised traffic and I feel, this would be major step to raise awareness and inform city-dwellers of what is at stake so far as concerns the risks connected with pollution."In Town without my car" would be unique movement and I wonder whether the city reformists are concerned or not!!!


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