Thursday, July 21, 2005

I remember a session I attended at TATA-AIG and the 'Spanco' theory that was explained to us by the Executives who motivated and encouraged us as fresher Insurance Agents. About 'Spanco' well, I will talk about it later but here's a book that comes to my mind for motivation.

Essential Managers Series : Motivating People

It has ever been my observation that where there is no motivation, the staff tends to fall prey to being lazy-bugs, dumb and losing their charm and interest in their jobs! People who adopt TQM (Total Quality Management) which is about constantly improving every process and product by progressive methods motivate with the Change and quip for empowerment at workplace. If there isn't Motivation, however well you want TQM, it fails as psychologically needs is not fulfilled. Self esteem is hurt too. Recently, during my Insurance Group meet, the young boys supported the training with motivational tips that promoted Discussions, provided information and feedback but missed out on encouraging initiatives. Effectively appraising, listening to opinions, discussing weaknesses are all best explained in this book. Raising Interest levels and developing skills is one yet two different things altogether. The book has techniques to widen perspectives too and getting the most from Training sessions. An Exceptional Book, I recommend for all Team Managers who need to 'Motivate' freshers and tune them up for Achievement. A good Pick and Great Gift to offer.

- ilaxi

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