Friday, June 17, 2005

Recently I read in newspapers 'Car rental launched at city Airport'. Now NRIs and people coming to Ahmedabad and landing up at The Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Domestic and International Airport need not be happy about it. The car rental facility may boast that passengers don't need to dread the ride to your destination in a rickety autorickshaw or a run-down cab but what about the other facilities? Recently, in a fortnight, twice I happened to see off cousins to US and Gosh, I would rate Ahmedabad's International Airport as worst ever for passengers travelling in and out of town! The Airport authorities are not courteous and do not even care for the waiting passengers who stand in so hot weather in long queue alongwith their luggage, relatives and friends and this making a big commotion, before they are finally allowed to enter through a small door! Moreover, no proper seating facilities nor any proper place for refreshments till one waits for the passenger to arrive or leave. Moreover, people have to be patient to catch the plane as they're almost late and imagine, one of our friends who reached airport at 10.00 night was able to board the plane to US only in the morning at 5.30!!! The Ahmedabad International Airport totally lacks management and when people broke the queue and started shouting, I happened to talked to Mr. Anil Kumar, Airport Security and he said "People are to be blame for this" Is it? One wonders!!! Rathar 'Wanders' !


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