Monday, March 31, 2003

“Why do people have to Fight and kill”?
Why is the scare of the Biological warfare and the Anthrax?
Why do humans perish?

The Seeds of the Future are being sown each minute. They are goint to sprout into strange, hybrid plants. The results of this battle for Baghdad is fearful. The Law of Unintended Consequences has begun to operate even before Saddam Hussein has been eliminated. War somehow has never changed since the dawn of history. The weapons have changed, with an exponential increase in the extent of killings and destruction that is possible. War itself is an ugly word that is barbaric and brutal. Has Bush breeding the grounds of Terrorists? Is this the game War for Power? Are Americans heading the World for Destruction or fuelling fire to Terrorists? Who Knows...but sure, Victims are Children too...The Future generations to be! Criminals? Terrorists? The noise of sirens and terror of battle can drive kids speechless, low esteemed, aggressive, angry and it’s during these times, they need love and compassion with a flavor of understanding and nurture the relationships with the Commandments of parenting. Half a Million or more Iraqi children caught in fighting may be left so traumatised they will need psychological help.There are around 5.7 million primary school age children.half a million children in Basra, Najaf Kerbala and Baghdad would possibly be in need of psycho-social rehabilitation once they go back in.This is Terrible! Brutal Terrorism & Injustice done is gonna be 'Jihad' A sword in hand to protect oneself, is it????? It is shattering to see the death n ruins, be it Iraq or America.....God Save the World!

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